Genetic Brain Profiling

The most complicated gadget of nature's creation is the Human Brain and it is getting more complex day by day. Hence, Decoding and Nurturing are the best means to understand the Brain.

MiDNA Global helps people to Explore their innate potential and Engage their whole brain to attain Excellence; so that one can get fulfilling Experiences during their stay on this planet. While keeping in view this vision, MiDNA Global’s Certified professionals interpret and counsel the Genetic Brain Profile (GBP) of an individual. MiDNA provides individual guidance at global level in terms of Learning Potential, Learning styles, Memory Pattern, Educational & Career choices, Professional Success, Relationship management and much more.


What is Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP)?

GBP is the assessment that helps decode the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of an individual even at the age of just 2 years. This throws light on our inherent Learning Potential, Strengths and Personality and can be judiciously used in Parenting, Teaching, Employment and Relationships. We strongly believe that with the correct interpretation of the GBP reports by our MiDNA Certified Mentors, the stress of bringing up children and guiding them to choose the right education and career can be eased to a large extent.

What are the benefits of Decoding Early?

It is said that wake up early and tackle your day before it tackles you. Similarly, doing Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) as early as possible will help tackle your life intelligently and gracefully. This also removes the trial and error strategy in mentoring children. It challenges the old paradigm of intelligence and personal development.In precise terms, it gives us the knowledge needed to maximize the performance of an individual,early.

What can I understand from GBP?

GBP decodes how an Individual is wired and how one can learn. More precisely, the quality & the quantity of learning by seeing, hearing, and doing can be decoded. GBP identifies how he/she uses different intelligences and lobes of the brain. GBP shows the areas of excellence/interest and also what bores them. It guides about favourite subjects and the challenging subjects based on how and for what their brain pattern is made rather than how one feels. Thus, learning and teaching challenges can be better and strategically tackled for productive teaching and learning experiences. Any field related to human potential can use this tool for the overall growth and development of an individual. At work, GBP empowers leaders with the insight to develop everyone based on their uniqueness. It helps mentors, coaches and leaders to assign tasks and build teams for a win-win situation.