About Us

MiDNA is an acronym for Multiple Intelligences Decoding & Nurturing Academy. It is a project of the Youth Help Foundation, which is based at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The most complicated gadget of the nature's Creation is Human Brain and it is getting more complex day by day. Hence the focus is on Decoding and Nurturing the Brain. At MiDNA, we help human beings Explore their innate potential and Engage their whole brain to attain Excellence so that they will have fulfilling Experiences during their stay on this planet. To achieve this, a global network of MiDNA Certified Life Coaches offer their expertise to interpret, counsel & Coach based on the Genetic Brain Profile (GBP) of an individual; providing individuals guidance in Learning styles, Education and Career choices, Professional Success, Relationship management and much more.

MiDNA Global is a venture initiated by Mr A Rathinaswamy (Former Scientist BARC/DAE and Founder Director of Thyrocare Technologies Ltd, Mumbai) to help people engage with the Whole Brain that includes their Physical, Mental and Spiritual well-being. Founded on 15thJanuary 2012, with its headquarters in Coimbatore, MiDNA Global's professional network spans the globe with Certified Coaches, Consultants & Counsellors. The focus is on creating awareness in Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Families, and Society at large about the amazing tool called GBP. MiDNA is on a mission to expand its network in all states of India by training service-minded professionals and Socialpreneurs. MiDNA Global aims to reach all ends of the globe through the network of these professionals and help human beings to Explore & Engage their inherent potential and flexibility and Excel in & Experience Smart Living. Our motto is "Know Thyself; Be Thyself; Better Thyself".


DREAM, i.e. Decoding Right Education and Mentoring is the mission of MiDNA Global. The following facts form the bedrock of our mission.

  • Every individual is unique, just like their fingerprints.
  • Inborn potential can be decoded as early as 2 years of age.
  • Nurturing the whole brain can help an individual attain fulfilment at the earliest.


To create local and global awareness about the benefits of this authentic and precise tool to unearth hidden potential and make this world a better place. MiDNA Global aims to have the world's largest network of decoding and counselling professionals to make this vision truly global.