RATHINASWAMY. A , Founder & Chief Mentor

     With Masters in Science & a PG Diploma in Nuclear Medicine Mr A Rathinaswamy is an Out of the box Thinker and Ex Scientist at BARC/DAE. He Co-Founded Thyrocare World's Largest Lab Diagnostic Company. After Quitting Thyrocare he Developed his own Software for Finger Prints Analysis. He designed Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) Reports and started MiDNA Global in 2012. He is extremely passionate about helping every individual Decoding their IKIGAI and Nurturing their Whole Brain as early as possible.

SURESHBABU. L , Co-Founder & Vice President - Admin

     Holding a double post graduate degree in International Business and Applied Psychology, Mr. Sureshbabu is passionate about helping youth to be Successful and cheerful in their Life. He is an IKIGAI Expert & a Motivational Speaker. With his hard work he has mastered the GBP Reports interpretation with high proficiency. He is committed to developing Network of Experts in Social Transformation (NEST). He is very popular amongst MiDNA Network members with his zeal and enthusiasm to be useful 24x7.

Dr. RAVI.P, Vice President - Training

     Dr. Ravi is an accomplished educationist with 35 years of experience in the school education and retired as Regional Director, NIOS, Chennai region. His pan India experience in KVS, NVS and NIOS as a teacher, Principal and administrator has gained him the exposure to guide the individuals and institutions in the education space. He is passionate to serve the society through guiding the teachers, parents and students. He believes that right education and guidance can only transform our society.

PRIYA CHHABRA, Vice President - Nurturing

     Motivational Speaker and IKIGAI expert Mrs. Priya Chhabra is a practicing professional for more than 15 years, successfully conducted more than 100 life skills workshops in prestigious internatinal and public schools and Private colleges of Delhi .Currently she continues to bridge the gap of profession and passion via regular workshops on IKIGAI for corporates and educational institutions with a mission of ‘ Transforming lives Globally with Genetic Brain Profiling ‘! Mrs. Chabbra, certified life coach, believes in impacting thousands of lives and build humanity in diverse areas of life focussing on education, career and relationships. She is passionate about nurturing human brains with wholistic brain yoga and transforming lives with genetic brain profiling outcome. Seekers can also connect with Mrs. Priya for IELTS Training & Youth Mentoring solutions which is provided at ‘ Mind Matters’ .

Boopalan LD , Vice President - Decoding

     With Decades of Training Youth Experience Mr Boopalan an IKIGAI Expert is focusing on Reaching GBP to schools, He firmly believes that if schools identify the Attitude and Attitude of a student then Nurturing would be very easier. Educational Institutions can be the game changer in transforming human lives by understanding the brain designs of their students and help them become a Joyful and Holistic Human beings. He is also the Co-founder of Munnetram Training & Consultancy whose mission is to Decode & Nurture the genetic Talents and Personality of Children and their Parents.