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4.4 / 5

Aug 24 2019

Bhauat ache se samjaya Bhawana madam ne

Jun 24 2019

I am really appreciate miss. Bhawna which we discussed for the finger print report (genes reports). That is help for me and I am working on it for the negative or positive points. Again thanks for miss. Bhawna.

Jun 15 2019

For me it was DNA talking ! After getting my son’s GBP done I’m able to co-relate many of his habits with scan results. I could now understand that why in some particular situations Nalin behaves in a particular way. It will also guide us to choose the carrier options in his future . Above all I came to know how I hv to handle him during his emotionally tough moments. It was really a beneficial test & I would recommend every parent who is concerned about their child’s overall growth. Thanks Bhawna Ma’am.

May 20 2019

This test is very beneficial for us.By the report of this test l know my child's efficiency, weakness, type of behaviour ,strength. This test is helpful to me to modify my child's personality. It is a good test to know your child well.

May 17 2019

Genetic brain profiling is a best tool to "Know your self" I was confused for some areas of my personality which was continuously impacting my career as well. This tool helps me to understand my personality , strengths and weakness . *Ms Bhawna* counselling helps me to identify my hidden strengths though which I can convert my weakness into strength. Thanks a lot !

May 17 2019

I came to know about my daughter's area where she needs motivation,love, affection and rather now I can understand her in a better way as I got to know her strong and weak area. She resembles 99.9 per cent with her report. Ms. Bhawna is a perfect mentor for her.

May 14 2019

I got to know about GBP through my sister, Ms. Bhawna. When I heard about it, I found it way more logical and convincing than kundli or other astrology to me. She read the report to me in detail and made me understand all the aspects of my personality that are strong and weak. Some parameters were quite surprising and scanned my behaviour without any flaw while others were ambiguous to an extent. It definitely did clear out the chaos in my mind and gave me a path of direction to focus upon.

May 07 2019

I got to know about GBP from my friend cum collegue Ms. Bhawna who has been training for it. As she told me what this study entails, I was pretty excited as well as curious to gather what this study or scientific method of analysing human mind and how it controls our lives. Ms. Bhawna discussed with me all the aspects of my report and I pretty much perceive the world in the same way. The analysis has definitely cleared some doubts I had with my personality and the way my thought process has evolved over the course of life. I have been able to identify the stress triggers or and can now focus on them. The analysis will definitely help me further in making future decisions related to career and personal growth as now I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses.