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Jun 08 2022

Dear Madam, The session on Genetic brain profiling was awesome. The results gave me some important inputs to improve my area of improvement, and focus on my strength. Thanks for that madam. The decoding by you was good with relevant analogy. So that the points were retained by me Definitely I would recommend this program to my friends and relative. Thanks once again madam

Jun 08 2022

Hi Leela, Thanks a ton for the GBP report and the one to one decoding and report interpretation session we had last week. I should "Thank you" for introducing the GBP tool to me as my report indicated the workable skills in my personality. Being a Mid level Manager, this is so important for me to focus. The report gave a science behind my personality trait which was even-more convincing. A report is just an analysis but the way you dissected the report, interpreted it and presented it was so simple to understand and thought provoking. Yes I have noted a few critical things that the report (you counselled) unfolded and I have started working on it consciously. Having said that, I am planning to do the test for a few of my colleagues and also to my family members. I will talk to you and fix up an appointment for them. Thanks once again for introducing such a wonderful tool to know whatever I already knew about me but this time knowing the reason scientifically and also to understand the workable core areas.

Jun 08 2022

Dear Madam, I am grateful to you, for identifying and highlighting my innate strengths and the areas to be focused. There is always room for improvement to any individual. The key is how soon and promptly it is addressed. An early exposure to "Genetic Brain Profiling" will be a boon for those who start their career, at the same time its never late to know our strengths and areas of improvement at any stage in our life time. Thank you for the valuable GBP-B session.

Mar 17 2022

We want to thank MIDNA. It is just a fabulous experience we had today. We could know so much about our potentiality, adaptiveness, energy which we were never aware of. The subject is so unique & vast... We got to know about the strong points of our brain activity. The best part is with the help of these analysis we may explore and upgrade us to a better efficient person. Wish MIDNA were there to guide us 15 years before. We shall share our experience with our relatives and friends so that they will get the chance to explore themselves with the help of MIDNA. At the same time I want to tell a few words about Leela. She explained each and every point of the subject beautifully and efficiently, so that it was easy for us to understand this unique subject.

Apr 07 2021

It was a session which was enlightening and assuring at the same time. Essentially, it’s something which I would recommend everyone to do because at the end of the day this process helps one understand themselves the best and that is probably the most important piece towards achieving something great. Absolutely happy to be a part of this session and loved every minute of it.

Apr 04 2021

Its really an eye opener for me and for any parent I would suggest this analysis even at an earlier stage of their child so as to know the child better and give him the best way.Also it is really useful to understand about our childs mental strength and weakness . Generally parents expect their own wish from the child..But after doing  this I truly understood the child has their own capabilities and strength.

Mar 09 2021

Hi Leela, Thanks for taking me through the entire report. I will compliment your deep diving into each component of the report and taking me through it. It was very interesting to connect the dots from the perspective of what the report revealed and my inclinations and predispositions. It was further interesting to debate some premises and get clarity. Thanks and wish you all the best. A

Dec 10 2020

Dear Leela Thank you so much for the excellent Brain Profiling report and counseling.It is very useful for me to go head in life.I will explore my strengths with the highest enthusiasm...🎉 I would recommend this to all the children (all age group)in our country to know their strength and weakness to succeed in their lives. Thank you