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4.3 / 5

Jan 18 2020

We are pleased to know our strengths and weakness, which really will help us to manage day to day things in life in a better way. Not only that it also helps us as parents to plan our kid’s future. Leela has done an excellent job interpreting GBP and we were able to link it to real time events happened in our life. We will be recommending GBP to our friends and colleagues.

Jan 17 2020

The GBP was very interesting. t gave me insights about myself that I did not know of earlier. I was surprised that it brought out the fact that I loved to dance. It has always been a passion since childhood but someone never got around to learning it. May be I will now :) Also the fact that I am adaptable was something I always guessed given that I have had so many different life situations to deal with. May be all of that induced adaptiveness in me. Overall your interpretation as a counselor was very useful. I have not thought about who I would recommend to as yet but I have some people in mind. I will contact you once I hear from them. I just have once suggestion, it would be good to have a narrative report along with the graphs etc so that we can read it again after a few months when the counsellor is not available. Also a counselling along with a narrative report adds more value to the document. Once again, thanks for this.

Jan 11 2020

Dear Leela, Thank you for doing the GBP report for me. It was a great experience, listening to you offering an insight into my personality in terms of my strengths, potential and aptitude. The findings are so scientific that it validated many of my inclinations and behaviour patterns. The study threw light on some of my limitations and the need to overcome the shortcomings. It further boosted my self confidence and enthused me to further better my potential for greater success. The counseling session was very useful as it offered guidance in identifying both positive and negative dimensions of my personality advocating what requires to be done to derive the best out of every opportunity. It helped get a better perspective in terms of priorities that need to be set down for higher productivity and personal growth. Thank you once again. I will be happy to recommend this experience to my friends and family so that they too can benefit from GBP. Best wishes Dr.Miruna George

Dec 31 2019

GBP helped me understand and made me aware of the innate make up as well as potential strengths, weakness and adaptiveness. This would certainly act as a tool to work upon required areas and utilise existing strengths effectively and efficiently. The interpretation provided simultaneously with the report was needed in order to make sense of the given and to acquire ways and methods of improving the balance and this was done in such an easily understandable manner. I would certainly recommend this to my family and friends circle.

Dec 25 2019

Very useful and informative. It helps one understand strength and areas to focus on. This will also help develop one. It will help me as a father to understand the natural style of learning, brain functioning etc. of my children and facilitates their development in a scientific way.

Dec 20 2019

Genetic Brain Profiling - I completed the session with Mrs Leela. This session was useful in understanding my natural strengths and areas I can focus in for a future career. The report is elaborate and Mrs. Leela went through each chart in detail. I would highly recommend her for parents and also for people thinking about future career.

Dec 10 2019

1) A lot of self realisation and validation on so many thoughts I have had about myself and abilities. It was so helpful and makes me think about what i should do next 2) Mis.Leela , explained things so well to me , so open minded , I felt so happy and comfortable talking to 3) I highly recommend this to all school students as it would help them be more aware of what they can do and what they are capable of doing and also break all stereo types which we are conditioned to believe.

Dec 09 2019

We had the opportunity to meet Mrs Leela Pal Chaudhuri regarding my sons GBP study It was amazing that it revealed the functions of the brain and it helped us to identify his strengths and weaknesses, most importantly as he is in his 10th std, it was most helpful to us as guide by which way he can pursue his further studies. Mrs Leela explanation gave us clarity We would recommend this tool to any parents my relatives and friends Thank you