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3.9 / 5

Feb 20 2020

I am Preety Sonawane from Mumbai .I did my GBP from Ms Priya Chhabra, Got it done for my whole family.and it was a great experience.She has very well explained the reports. By doing the following test we get a clearance of many doubts which we have for our kids and also acceptance is more. We also get to know the strengths and weakness which helps us in improving.A wonderful tool to know urself and your family and help each other to grow.Thanks !

Oct 02 2019

In the beginning when I got to know about it I was a little skeptical about such a thing and immediately went to my phone and the leaflet to read more about it.Spent a good amount of time to understand the whole concept and did a fair bit of research while the test was being conducted.The reports came in very soon and Ms Priya helped me to understand it in detail.They were surprisingly accurate and told me a lot about my personality and how my brain functions and me gave perspective on how things are and also an estimate about my suitable career path and education. Definitely a great work of science, the whole process of analysing how the brain works and mapping it based on finger prints is quite fascinating. Highly recommended to others as it will give them an in depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses .

I recently got my Brain Profiling done from Ms Priya in New Delhi my opinion the report is elaborate but if likes and dislikes in food , taste is also added it will be good .Ms Priya your counselling is extraordinary. You are a master in convincing and teaching .I am very much satisfied with this innovative programme of Midna Global.I shall be in touch with you and would like to become a member and I am very much confident the i will excel in performance with your help and guidance Llooking forward to join Midna global.

Jun 21 2019

Totally amazing experience.its really good method to know about us and Priya Chhabra clear all the points.so it's very useful for students

Apr 14 2019

My experience with Genetic Brain Profiling session that I underwent recently was very interesting, in fact an eye opener.The findings from finger prints had a great resemblance of my current attitude, aptitude and my personal and professional strengths. I realized what was the tool kit I had inherited and what could I add more to sharpen my qualities. I strongly recommend it to schools, colleges, managers and training programs. Corporates could use it to recruit right people and customize the training programme to draw right mileage of the job responsibility .Children can select the right career streams and become successful in their career.It can help setup right partnership in marriage with aligned personalities. I strongly recommend it for all family members to go for it to nurture happiness for all members. I wish Priya good luck for the good work that she is doing as her contribution to make the Indian Society better . Regards RAJNI

Apr 11 2019

With due respect first I would like to thank Ms Priya Chhabra for such an enlightening session of GBP. I came to know about the Genetic Brain Profiling from a relative of mine. I started looking for the source of this test .During my search on the web,I found the website " Midna Global" while going through the website I saw Ms Priya Chhabra's name listed at Delhi location. Delhi being the closest from my city I decided to call Ms Chhabra. I was given very appropriate answers to all my queries and the concept was explained to me in detail. As a result my curiosity increased to get it done for myself.I visited Ms Chhabra's office on 5-04-19 and got my GBP done.The report was explained to me in a very detailed manner.It was an eye-opening session. I could relate to most of the things reported.After the session I decided to be a part of this mission and join you.I believe you are an ideal Mentor and believe very strongly that you are the one who can make a difference in the life of many.

Apr 10 2019

GBPC is a great way to analyze your strengths and tap into them.It gives you the opportunity to understand yourself and explore different options, which you may not have considered before. You get the chance to work on your interpersonal relationships as well and get a sense of direction. Ms Chhabra expertly guides you throughout the process, helping you to identify your key strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend GBPC to anyone who wishes to understand themselves better and become a better version of themselves .

Apr 10 2019

I got my Genetic Brain Profiling done recently and to be honest,the results were quite satisfying.From my athletic performance to my personality, the majority of the analysis was accurate. The way Ms Chhabra explained everything was impressive. I am grateful for getting my GBP done from such experienced people.