Genetic Brain Profiling

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Here at MiDNA Global; helps people to explore their innate potential and Engage their whole brain to attain Excellence; so that they can get fulfilling Experiences during their stay on this planet. In order to help this, MiDNA Global’s Network of Experts in Social Transformation (NEST) consists of Counselors, Consultants, Decoding & Nurturing Experts and Certified Smart Life Coaches who offer their services in interpretation and counselling with Genetic Brain Profile (GBP) report of an individual. Since we designed Genetic brain profiling report indigenously and attained immense validation with the last 12+ years of knowledge in this field; We offer personalized guidance and counselling service in Coimbatore, India & Worldwide in terms of Learning Potential, Learning styles, Dominance Profiles, Memory Patterns, Educational & Career choices, Professional Success and Relationship management. We can offer counselling and guidance services for children, parents, teenagers/adults, and families, as well as business mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs all over the world.

What is Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP)?

What is Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP)?

The most complicated gadget of nature's creation is the Human Brain and it is getting more complex day by day. Hence, Decoding and Nurturing are the best means to understand the Brain. By knowing your brain profile, We, at MiDNA Global serve you in expert counselling and mentoring for unlocking the true potential of your brain and nurturing it with personalized guidance in Coimbatore, India & Worldwide. GBP is the assessment to empower people that helps to decode the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of an individual even at the age of just 2 years. This throws light on our inherent Learning Potential, Strengths, and Personality and can be judiciously used in Parenting, Teaching, Employment, family, and relationship management. Genetic Brain Profiling also helps mentors, life coaches, and leaders to assign tasks and build teams for a win-win situation.
We strongly believe that with the correct interpretation of your Genetic Brain Profiling reports by our MiDNA Certified professionals, the stress of bringing up children and guiding them to choose the right education and career can be eased to a large extent.
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Benefits of Genetic Brain Profiling Earlier?

It is said that "wake up early and tackle your day before it tackles you". Similarly, doing Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) at MiDNA Global as early as possible will help tackle your life intelligently and gracefully. You can design your future by discovering your Genetic Brain Profiling and getting the right mentoring and counselling toward achieving life goals by using your natural strengths. This also removes the trial and error strategy in mentoring your children, choosing education, career path, and successful business and family relationships that perfectly suit you. It challenges the old paradigm of intelligence and personal development. In precise terms, it gives us the knowledge needed to maximize individual performance in personal and professional life.

What can I Understand from Genetic Brain Profiling?

Here at MiDNA Global, Certified Decoding Experts and Nurturing Mentors map how an Individual is wired and how one can learn. More precisely, the quality & the quantity of learning by seeing, hearing, and doing can be decoded for every individual. GBP reveals how he/she utilizes the different bits of intelligence and lobes of the brain every day, also it helps to identify their areas of excellence/interest and also what makes them bored. It guides about their favorite subjects, challenging subjects learning difficulties, and what their brain pattern is made rather than how they feel. Thus, learning and teaching challenges can be better and strategically tackled for productive teaching and learning experiences. Any field related to human potential can use this tool for the overall growth and development of an individual to be successful in their education, career, business, as well in family relationships. At work, Genetic Brain Profiling empowers leaders with the insight to develop everyone based on their ability, natural strength, and uniqueness to face better in all tough situations without worries.

What Genetic Brain Profiling can identify in children?

It Helps to know their inborn natural intelligence, talents, child’s preferred sensory modality, concentration, memory patterns, preferred learning style, subject choices, learning problems, and suited extracurricular activities.

What Genetic Brain Profiling can identify in Teenagers/Adults?

We at MiDNA Global assist you with your GBP to choose your core subjects in primary, secondary, graduation, or post-graduation levels that suit you. By understanding your own GBP, everyone gets the advantage of their natural talents and skills, so that they can develop their Personality, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Also, you can get complete self-awareness, and self-realization about how you are, what are your strong & weak points, and how to choose a satisfying career, how you perform under tense, stressed social situations, how will improve your relationship with family & all.

What Genetic Brain Profiling can identify in Couples and Families?

Your unique GBP report empowers you to have a better understanding of your conflicts, miscommunications, and misunderstanding in family relationships. With a complete understanding of your family member’s GBP, Our expert team of mentors, and consultants at MiDNA Global counsel your children on the right track to Education, careers, and even a successful marital family relationship.
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How GBP can help Business Entrepreneurs?

Our goal as business coaches or mentors is to help business entrepreneurs empower their leadership strengths, and weaknesses, and assist them with a clear path that brings about change through self-knowledge with help of GBP. Most entrepreneurs start their businesses if they find Investment itself,and most of them don't even know what skills they need to accomplish so. If only one person out of every 100 succeeds in their business, why shouldn't the others? What challenges do they face? We thought this was a very sad and risky thing. We offer a report that calculates the entrepreneur suitability index out of 100 by using GBP. If someone is preparing to launch a business, having an ideal index range of 60 to 80 would be perfect.

We advise people to use the scientifically validated genetic brain profile method for high-risk businesses if they are above 80 and between the ages of 60 and 70 can take the moderate-risk business. You can now know why certain people fail in business. We provide an in-depth report with proof, of how strong their business mindset is, their leadership abilities, their management skills, and the type of business that best matches them. As the finest business mentoring service provider in Coimbatore, India, and the world based on GBP, we offer GBP consultation to better understand who you are and to plan the launch of a company that will make you a successful entrepreneur and offers you better outcomes. If you need Counseling for your Business or looking for a Business Coach /Mentor in Coimbatore, India?
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