GBP Consultant Certification


Multiple Intelligences Decoding and Nurturing Academy (MiDNA) is inviting the Individuals with Genetic Brain Profiling to their GBP Consultant Certification Program. It is ideal for professionals working in the field of Education, Human Resource (Recruiting, Training) & Psychology. The Program aims to offer in-depth knowledge in the field of Neuro Psychology (Psychology Based on Brain Architecture) which will help the participants to interpret MiDNA’s Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) Reports to guide Individuals / parents / Teachers / Corporates, so that personalised nurturing methodologies shall be recommended.

Why Genetic Brain Profiling?

Earlier human beings were more focused on the survival struggle and hence hard work was the need of the day. With the successive Neuro evolution of the human beings and technology both, now not the hard work but the smart work has become the key and that can be achieved by knowing one’s purpose (IKIGAI). Decoding the IKIGAI of an individual at the earliest has become essential to face the new challenges of 21st century. Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) assessment helps to understand the Components of IKIGAI. By Decoding one’s genetic Potential, Passion, Personality & Preferences followed by Right Nurturing Everyone can lead a Joyful life. GBP can be done right from the age of 2 years, sooner the better.

How reliable is this Assessment?

For centuries, Scientists and Medical doctors have been using the Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Anthropology and Anatomy etc. to validate the result of Fingerprint Analysis. As fingerprints are unalterable and not influenced by environment, behaviour, mental state, and emotions etc.; hence their reliability remains irrefutable. Conventional Testing (Psychometric) uses multiple questionnaires where answers are influenced by the person’s age, emotional state, environment and naturally the cognitive skills, whereas Fingerprint analysis is unaffected by such parameters, thus offering the most reliable results till date.

Objectives of GBP Consultant Certification:

This Certification is designed to enable participants to understand themselves and their Family members (Counsellor Certification) with GBP Reports and help others by learning the Interpretation of their GBP Reports. This training will give the participants both the GBP-Theory and extensive hands on Practical Experiences on understanding of Genetic Potentials, Neuro Plasticity, Learning Preferences, Domains, Subject Preferences, Career Preferences, Brain Hemispheric Dominance, Grasping Speed, Thinking Preferences, Processing Dominance, Multiple Intelligence Profile Interpretation, Personality Typing based on various World Famous Theories and so on.

How to Get Certified as GBP Counsellor?

Join the SPARK (Brain Yoga & Gyaan) by Investing INR 5,000/- (Five Thousand Only) and Self GBP Report. Participants will learn GBP Theory (20 Hours) through an Online Learning Program (Zoom) for 2 weeks (2 Hours a day). Participants would be given Personalised Mentoring of their Family Reports and prepare for their Self Discovery 1.0 leading to GBP Counsellor Certification. After their Certification, they would be qualified to Join IGNITE Training & Learn Further. They shall assist with Counselling Assignments along with their Mentor.

How to Get Certified as GBP Consultant?

Certified Counsellors shall join the IGNITE (Internship) by buying a Finger Print scanner (FS-80H) & start Earning while Learning. They shall pay Rs 5000/- (Five Thousand Only) towards availing reports at 50% Discount for the scans procured by them. The assigned Mentor would train the participants with both the theory and extensive interpretational understanding of Genetic Brain Profiling Reports. Within 6 months of Joining, IGNITE Trainees must give a presentation of their Understanding of GBP Reports as Self Discovery 2.0. Certified Consultants shall avail MiDNA Reports with Direct Ledger Rights & to grow further (REWIRE & TORCH). Others shall continue their Association through the Mentor by Subscribing /Renewing the Silver Subscription option. They shall avail Direct Ledger Facility at their convenience by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Rewards & Privileges.

MiDNA NEST is Ideal For

  • Those who are keen to serve the Society but are confused how to proceed and Succeed.
  • Those who want to explore avenues of revenue generation (Part time / Full Tine).
  • HR Trainers who wish to understand their Audience in better way & tailor make the solutions.
  • Tutors to have a personalised study plan that would be very effective for their students.
  • Psychologists to have a personalised and reliable understanding of their clients Personality traits and conflicts in relationships.
  • Recruiters to evaluate the Job seekers Talent & Personality to place them in the right domain and ensure they live successful and meaningful as well.

What will one Acquire from joining the MiDNA NEST?

  • Will be able to understand one Self better than before and Live with Self Awareness.
  • Will understand the unique functioning of Brains and the Diversity of its outcome.
  • Will be able to guide the adults using their behaviour profile and can manage their Relationship conflicts better.
  • Will understand the Multiple Intelligence Profile and ways of Nurturing, accordingly.
  • Will know individual’s In-Born Potential and Interest domains to assist him/her in planning the career and improving life skills.
  • Will be able to understand the Whole brain development techniques based on the Adaptiveness and Learning Domains (Both Pedagogical/ Andragogical).
  • With the help of GBP results, better understanding of the Psychological issues would happen.
  • Live would get transformed effortlessly for sure and rest of the life would be more peaceful.
  • Will get meaningful information from the Report to guide an individual in more personalised/customised way after Certification.
  • Will be able to interpret psychological deviations and Neuro Diversities correctly using the data shown in the report with advanced training & Experience.
  • Mentors will provide more details on the further Journey (REWIRE & TORCH Training).

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